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The first step out of bed

A complete and flexible solution for rehabilitation

ROBERT® is an innovative and ground-breaking robot focusing on efficient rehabilitation and early mobilization of patients. The robot offers both active resistive and assistive mobilization, and provides patients and healthcare professionals with better conditions for rehabilitation.


Active Resistive Mobilization

ROBERT® offers resistance against the patient’s movement

The resistance level of the exercise is adjusted to the patient’s functional strength. ROBERT® can perform resistance to any movement, as designed by a healthcare professional.

ROBERT® guides the patient through the exercise

The patient’s function and strength determines the level of activity during the exercise. The patient coorporates with ROBERT®’s movements or relaxes in case of fatigue.

Passive Mobilization

ROBERT® supports the rehabilitation of immobilized patients

Very early mobilization of severely affected patients is facilitated. Patients with reduced or inexisting level of function can engage in early rehabilitation.

Benefits of ROBERT®

How can ROBERT® make a difference for patients, healthcare professionals & institutions?


Reduce heavy and repetitive lifts​

  • Free resources to other aspects of treatment or nearby tasks
  • Easy maneuvering and simple interface


Enhance early mobilization and improve effectiveness of treatment​

  • Prevent soft tissue contracture and pressure sores
  • Minimize risk of blood clots and pneumonia
  • Reduce muscular atrophy and neuropathic effects


Provide intensive treatment without increasing staff costs

  • Faster recovery and return to daily living
  • Shorter hospitalization periods

Very easy to set and use

Besides the easiness of moving the robot from place to place, ROBERT® offers the healthcare professionals a quick, safe and intuitive operation.


What do experts say?

Throughout our contact with health care professionals and institutions, we gathered valuable testimonials and endorsements.

Mettine L. Blach


Vikærgården Emergency and Rehabilitation

  • With technology that assists the professionals like this, I certainly believe that I can work until retirement age.​
  • The concept can contribute to an accelerated patient recovery where the patient gains previous functional level sooner.

Rikke Sørensen

Lead Nurse

M3 Rehabilitation, Aalborg University Hospital, Hobro

  • ROBERT® creates a good vibe and curiosity among our patients, which gives a really positive psychological influence during the entire stay.
  • ​The patients really want to try the robot. It has increased their focus on rehabilitation.

Jesper Ryg

Head Physician

Geriatric Department, Odense University Hospital

  • Mobilization and training of hospitalized elderly patients are important for maintaining self-functional ability.​
  • Development and testing of innovative methods, including new robot technology, is desirable in order to optimize future treatment and rehabilitation procedures.

Benefits of Early Mobilization

Get moving as soon as possible after admission to hospital or surgery is an important step to an optimal recovery.

  • Preventing blood clots, bed sores, and wound infections.
  • Improves respiratory function. Clearing secretions, helping to prevent chest infections.
  • Maintains muscle strength. Contributing to independence and confidence increase.
  • Activates the digestive system. Increasing general well being.
  • Promotes being fit for discharge. Can reduce anxiety and bring hope for a faster recovery.