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BioFiber® is a braided sterile surgical fiber prepared from fibres of ultra-high molecular weight long chain linear polyethylene [UHMWPE]. BioFiber® elicit a minimal of inflammatory reaction in tissues, followed by gradual encapsulation of the fiber by the fibrous tissue. BioFiber® is non-absorbable and there are no significant changes in tensile strength retention known to occur in vivo.

BioFiber® Loop

BioFiber® Loop is a continuous loop of BioFiber® with multiple needle options. The needles are easy to handle and move freely on the suture to recenter themselves after passing through tissue and facilitating even tension. Graft preparation using BioFiber® Loop in conjunction with the Whipstitch technique drastically reduces time spent preparing the graft, uniformly compresses the graft, improves strength and allows for last minute adjustments in graft length.

BioFiber® Tape

BioFiber® Tape is an ultra-high strength 2 mm width tape using a similar long chain polyethylene structure as the BioFiber® suture. In addition to high demand applications like AC joint reconstruction, the broad footprint of the BioFiber® Tape is appropriate for repairs in degenerative cuff tissue where tissue pull-through may be a concern.